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Founding and continuing companies has never been easier. Get the network, resources, expertise, and innovative solutions you need here.

Empowering people to innovate.

Our Application

The app that can do it all.

Not only do we offer services that encompass the entire entrepreneurial journey, company development process, and access to the knowledge of entrepreneurial veterans, we also provide a tool. This tool allows you to:

  • Create a company roadmap (upcoming)

  • Break up your tasks and projects

  • Build your team

  • Assign tasks to team members

  • Keep track of work times and task value

  • Split up company value fairly and strategically

  • Post jobs to the community (upcoming)

  • Process legal agreements (upcoming)

  • Gain access to community integrations (upcoming)

  • Establish and easily hold team accountability

  • Develop strong networking

  • Develop a strong, legitimate, organization, and established feel to start present your business immediately

Smart Founder Coloured Background-03.png

Services to Build Your Idea

We focus on helping you create your company from the ground up. Included in your packages are Legal/financial/tax advising, process automating, team building, strategic networking, developing optimum user journeys, proformas development, learning management systems development, prototyping planning and development, mentorship, marketing research/analysis/strategy, branding services, and crowd sourcing strategy.

Everything you need to succeed

Our Community

The networks to make your idea come to life.

Establish important networks with equally motivated individuals from a variety of industries to fill in the skill gaps on your teams.

  • share your ideas with like-minded individuals

  • seek out individuals with the skill sets you need

  • connect with mentors in a variety of industries

  • Take part in discussions with subject matter experts on all aspects of business and idea development.